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Arl Lugtu



Our story goes back to January 2015 when the company was founded by Founder and President, Arl Lugtu.

Every company has a story of how they earned their name. For Trideca, it is simple – it was named after the Founder’s children, Triton, Dylan Elijah and Charlize Alana. As a family-oriented man, Arl’s main priority in life are his children. His love for his family has been the fuel and core aspect of Trideca.

Growing up in a household where cleanliness is of utmost importance, it was instilled in Arl’s mind that a tidy home gives you the feeling of comfort and relaxation. It boosts your productivity and allows you to be creative. This practice and belief made him strongly inclined to keeping things at home in order and spotlessly neat.

From the influence at home, he built Trideca with the desire to extend what he learned growing up to others’ households and businesses. Trideca started by taking post construction cleaning from developers, general contractors and restoration companies. Over the years, Trideca has expanded to include commercial, industrial, and strata cleaning services.

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Serving clients across Richmond, Vancouver and the surrounding Metro Vancouver Cities.

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer environmental friendly products, techniques and equipments that reduce contaminants that pollute our Earth and contribute to a safer healthier environment for our clients.
We are committed to assisting our clients to reach all attributed benefits that are a result of implementing an "eco-friendly and green" approach.